Studying from Home

Part 1

Let’s be honest. Studying from home just. plain. sucks.
There’s distractions galore.
You don’t have your friends with you.
And your bed calls you with a still soft voice “Come over here. I’m nice and comfy. You’ll enjoy peace and solitude if you just place your head here, and lie down.”

And then there’s the allure of Netflix.
Or Cat Videos on Youtube.

There’s no judgement at home. Anything goes, because there’s no one to keep you accountable.
Let’s be honest. Studying from home just. plain. sucks.

But what if you could negate the temptations that you faced by pretending that you were at uni?
I don’t pretend that I have all the secrets but, maybe here’s three things that could help.

1. Keep a routine.

I know it’s tempting to lay around in bed until lunchtime. But, did you do that while you were studying on campus? No, probably not, because you had classes to get to.
And it’s the same, now, right?
Zoom classes haven’t changed their schedule.
So you probably shouldn’t either.

Get up, have a shower, eat breakfast, read your Bible, drink your coffee, comb your hair.
Do everything you used to do before everything when online.
Believe it or not, it’s been shown that keeping up a routine primes our brains into doing work.
I know, because, when I don’t keep up my routine, my productivity falls. So does my desire to do any work. Are you like this?

2. Work out when you work best.

Working our when you work best is key to time management and planning.
For me, I have learned the hard way, that I work best after breakfast and before lunch. I’m super productive. To prove a point, I’m writing this blog in the morning. I also have another burst of productivity from about 3-5pm. Yay! But I wouldn’t have much hope writing it in the hours of 1-3pm. My mind just doesn’t like it. So I plan my tasks accordingly. I keep my “braindead” tasks, like cleaning and organising, for the time after lunch so that I’m ready to work in the times where I’m primed to be most productive.

Do you have a productive time? Experiment, and keep a diary to see when feel most productive. And then use it to your advantage. Plan your day around it. Don’t feel guilty when you’re not working in your most productive times. Acknowledge that humans are finite and unable to work all the time, and just go with the flow.

3. Clear a physical space for work.

Clear a space, or area in the house, which is solely for the purpose of study. Humans are creatures of space. We need areas for work, and for play. For example, I can never work in the lounge room, or while lying down. Because for me, they are places of rest. But you’re not me, and you can possibly work like that. Find a space in your house where you work best.

Now, I hope that’s a bit of a primer for you as you navigate the world on online study. We’re hoping that these tips help you grow so that studying online doesn’t just.plain.suck. We’ll be praying for you in this new time.


Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

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