Studying at Home

Part 3

Resources for Survival

It may feel like we are now on our own, being sent home to do all our work by ourselves without help. But there’s plenty of help available. If you’ve got a question, consider:

  • Lecturers, tutors, and academic staff
  • Resources that your lecturers have put up on your online learning area
  • The librarians at uni
  • People who have previously taken the class
  • Current students in your class (there may be an online group for discussions, or ask privately)
  • Friends
  • University mentor programs
  • Faculty clubs and associations in the Notre Dame Student Association
  • Study Buddies

Some people love working independently, and they probably aren’t reading this. However, lots of people work better as collaborators. Having study buddies who are doing your course/unit can be helpful for providing motivation, accountability and encouragement. You could agree to study at the same time and use social media to discuss what you are reading. At the same time, there are probably plenty of people in your classes who are feeling lost and in need of study buddies too. As Christians, we are in a position to provide practical help and care to people who are finding this transition really difficult. Who could you check in with to find out if they need some study help from afar? How could you gather a group of people who encourage each other to persist with study?


Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

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