Climate Change and Covid, and our mortality

A week ago, which is a long time ago in our current, locked-in stir crazy world, Michael Moore and Jeff Gibbs released another controversial film, the Planet of the Humans. (If you want to watch it, see it here:

Like Bowling for Columbine, The Planet of the Humans, seeks to stir the pot a little, seeking to promote discussion, not about guns, but Climate Change.

Before Covid hit, Climate change was the number one newsworthy topic.
Targets were being discussed, conventions and agreements signed, and the ball was rolling to solve “humans’ biggest problem”. But, any progress that was made was put on the back burner for another problem, a human health crisis not seen in our generation. COVID-19.

Now, I have to admit, having seen the documentary, that I’m skeptical about the to full validity of their claims. Of course, they have carefully constructed the narrative to suit their agenda: Get rid of Biomass burning as a “green” alternative to fossil fuels.
That’s what the directors are gunning for.

And I think, with the little evidence they provide their case is compelling. Of course burning trees for energy is a complete nonsense when it comes to combating climate change.

Apparently, if all the trees in the USA were burnt for power, the USA would only have power for a year.

Now, some of their data is apparently old, and I want to acknowledge that. I also accept they nowhere in the bio-doc do they mention the “pay-off” time for renewables. That doesn’t suit their agenda.

Apart from their main agenda, what else is on display in this bio-doc?

Religion. And I did not expect it.

When push comes to shove, Jeff Gibbs reflects, together with a sociologist, that humanity is placing their belief in something to avoid thinking about their own mortality.

Jeff Gibbs: “Our belief is “it’s ok, we have solar panels”. But as soon as you mentioned, “it’s our denial of death”, I thought, could that be it? We can’t face our own mortality. Could we have a religion that we’re unaware of?”

To which his sociologist friend answers:
“every culture has an account of the origin of our earth…and what to expect in immortality… we are deluding ourselves if we think we can “solar” ourselves into a better world”

On one level, I think they’re right. Humans, in all accounts, have forgotten our mortality.
Whether it be Climate Change or Covid, Tsunamis, or Earthquakes, common colds, or killer hornets, we don’t know when our time will be up. But it will be. And we fear death.

We fear death because it ends our fun on earth. We fear death, because, once it happens to us, it make us nothing. Our achievements, our wealth, our relationships, cease to be. We turn to dust.

But God has made the end of death known to us through Jesus Christ. Jesus defeated death, by his resurrection. Literally raising from the dead, bodily, to dance on his own grave.

Isn’t that amazing? That’s the person I want to trust with my own bodily salvation, not Climate Change activists, nor green energy companies, but the King of the World.

We cannot ‘solar’ ourselves into a better life, one that lasts for eternity, but Jesus the Son, has endured the burning wrath of God so that we can enter into his eternal life. That life will be free from the complications of managing carbon emissions, and the effects of sin!

Now, I want to be clear. I’m not saying that our impact on this earth now doesn’t matter. Of course it does. We are stewards of God’s creation. But I think reflection on our mortal state gives us opportunity to truly acknowledge who is in control of creation: God and God alone. A true solution to this our mortality is only revealed when Jesus returns to reign supreme over a new and restored world, where we, are his true and faithful servants.


P.S. I’ll write another response to the bio-doc in the next few weeks, focused on their conclusion and their proposed solution.

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